March 29, 2006

Immigration - Uncensored

Okay, what the fuck is it with all these mexican shitheads taking over the goddam freeways? I'm sick and fucking tired of these bastards saying they're gonna' take over their fucking homeland or some shit. Look, you little brown bastards go back the fucking Mexico. What? You think California belongs to you ya fucking retard? Guess what? You lost that war! Get the fuck out!


Yeah, I'm a fucking racist. Call me a racist you ignorant bastard! HA! I'm not a racist. Take a look at who I'm talking to dipshit. Yeah, I said Mexicans, the little fuckers from Mexico. You come in, you do the shitty jobs that we don't want to do and you fucking go back to Mexico, screwing up our economy and making El Presidente's corrupt bank account just that much fucking fatter. The least you could do is pack up your fucking family, sign some shitty papers and BECOME a hispanic American. English would be good too, but don't worry about it. Live in Florida or California and they don't fucking speak English there anyway.

Yo Congress, you want to fix this problem or do you just want to suck on the cock of big, slave labor business while they send you interns that'll suck your dick in the oral office? Dude, goddam grow a pair and figure shit out for real. It's not hard. I figured it out. So can you, you ignorant pieces of shit!



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