June 08, 2006

Al ZarqueerY

So Mr. Al ZarqueerY is dead. The world reacts.

And so do certain liberal lushsluts and asstwats...

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Washington (AP)-- Rep. Murtha was seen signing a book of condolences to Mr. Al ZarqueerY's family today. Next to him stood Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton, who were holding each other up. Sobbing, Mrs. Clinton was overheard telling her husband how much she will miss her lover, Al ZarqueerY.
John F. Kerry was also present and consoled the former President, who was appearently quite displeased that his wife wrote love notes in the condolence book.
Kerry held Mrs. Clinton and told her HE would be her new lover. Therasa Kerry then threw her pocketbook at her husband, who grabbed Mr. Murtha's arm and said-"Lets cut and run!!" and they both sprinted out of the room.

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Woo Hoo.
He gets 72 500# liberal pigs to screw for eternity.

Posted by: Michael at June 10, 2006 04:32 PM
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