June 15, 2006

Dry hot sweaty heat.

But I thought it was dry heat.

Heh. A pool full of sweat.

New York(Reuters) - Phoenix on Wednesday was named the sweatiest city in the United States, but Miami topped the list as the most uncomfortable American city due to its mix of humidity and heat.

The fifth annual sweat survey sponsored by Procter & Gamble Co. handed the dubious distinction to the Arizona capital for the third time. El Paso, Texas, earned the title in 2004 and San Antonio, Texas, in 2002.
The latest survey found that the average Phoenix resident produced 26 ounces (0.77 litre) of sweat per hour during a typical summer day last year when the desert city's high temperature averaged 93.3 F (34 C).

It means that in under three hours, Phoenix residents collectively produced enough sweat to fill an Olympic-sized swimming pool, said Jay Gooch, sweat expert at Old Spice, a Procter & Gamble Co. antiperspirant brand.
Ahh hah!! Trying to sell deeeodorant. Gotcha. 3 hours??? To fill a pool??
That's pretty damn Hot and Humid sounding to me.

"In Phoenix you sweat much more than in Miami, but it evaporates quickly as it is such dry air so you don't notice as much. In Miami the sweat stays on your skin," said Gooch.

I like sweat that sticks around.

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