October 29, 2005

My Friends

This is my friend Jake but we can just call him tang...

This is Ogre and his bluberry beer...good stuff

This is Merri (She is dating Eric and he is mean so watch out

This is Eric, nuff said

and this is Cat lady, she is a sweet heart with a big field to party in

and also Kender who will whip you into shape.

And then there is this kid that is really really old,

Then there is this Mad Techno guy.

here is Seth, he is really laid back

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October 28, 2005

This is too Cool

Cool Pictures.

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Who are you in South Park World

Beth has the Gallery up here
at the bottom is the links to the site to create your own charecture.

If you need a way to copy the pictures I use this tool WMSnap, It is a simple tool that you can save a immage as a gif or jpg.

If you are going to post on this site you need to create a picture and forward it to me.

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October 25, 2005

AL Franken My Hero

I look up to Al Franken. He is SUCH a man, who has guts and balls to speak his brand of truth. Did yah see him today on the morning housewife TV newswithviews?
He says that Libby and Rove are gonna be executed...

On Today, at 8:52am Al Franken was on to promote his new book The Truth and repeated his twisted joke from Friday's Letterman in which he predicted that Rove and Libby will be executed for treason. Franken's "joke," drew laughter from Matt Lauer and the rest of the Today show studio. The following is just a portion of this morning's interview:

Matt Lauer: "All right, Karl Rove and Scooter Libby what’s their future? What’s your prediction in terms of indictments? Yes or no?"

Franken: "Oh they, they’ll be indicted. I, I am absolutely sure and this is about, of course, the war in Iraq really. It’s about the justification for the war and smearing Joe Wilson by outing his wife who’s a CIA agent. George H.W. Bush, the President’s father, said, as, when he was head of the CIA, that outing a CIA agent is treason. I, I agree. So I think that Rove and Libby will be executed." Lauer laughed along with those in the studio.

Video excerpt: Real or Windows Media

Go read the rest of the harsh truth. It'll make yah wonder why those conservatives ever voted for Bush! They must feel so betrayed.

Course it all depends on how yah seriously you take Al. I think he is the most well respected and well educated man in media today.

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Color added.

OK, now we're talkin, this place is getting some color and attitude.
This site is not going to be like the other "Serious" South Park site. This is going to be a site of parady that make fun of all side (but mostly of the left because we can). If you are on the left of the spectrum and think you can handle these rules and have something to post email us and we will see about letting you in. if you think that we will listen to the same old talking points then you sould go to the other site. If you think you can have some fun about the topics of today then come on down.
The rules of this site is easy
1) you MUST talk in South Park voices!!!!!!!
2) you MUST be funny. (ears of the beholder)

That is it, nothing more, if you take this site to seriously your post or comment will be removed.
The topics are serious, the issues are real, Life is funny enough to make fun of it.
Now we need some of the SP babes to start posting and where the fuck is Cartman?
Everyone read this post and email me your image and I will email you your link to add to each post so we start having the SP dudes on each post.

Thanks ogre for this great color and attitude.

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October 23, 2005

Hey Children

What we need here is some lovin color and some lovin ladies.

Maybe we can get some color here in the next few days so I can bring some ladies like Miss. Shagalot and Miss. Shagsomemore. they are shag sisters....

I think some Ogre might be scaring them away.....

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October 09, 2005

We need more lovin here

Hey everybody, we are needing some lovin here, I kinda feel black and white and need some good lovin color I am feeling kinda blue and when I am feelin blue I like to share a so sit down here for a while and let me make you some of my famous Chocolate Salty Balls. they will pick you up and make you and I smile. I might smile more but this is how I make them….

Two Tablespoons of cinnamon, and 2 or 3 eggwhites
Half a stick of butter, meeeelted..
Stick it all in a bowl baby, Stir it with a wooden spoon
Mix in a Cup of Flour, you'll be in heaven soon
Say everybody have you seen my balls?
They're big and salty and brown
If you ever need a quick Pick-me-up
Just stick my balls in your mouth!
Ooh, suck on my chocolate salty balls,
Stick em in your mouth and suck em!
Suck on my Chocolate Salty balls
they're packed full of vitamins, and good for you,
So suck on My balls!

Quarter cup of unsweeted chocolate, and half cup of brandy
Then throw in a bag or two of sugar, and just a pinch of vanilla
Grease up the cookiesheet, cos i hate when my balls stick
Then Preheat the oven to 350°, and give that spoon a lick
Say everybody have you seen my balls?
They're big and salty and brown
If you ever need a quick Pick me up
Just stick my balls in your mouth...
Suck on my chocolate salty balls
Stick em in your mouth and suck em!
Suck on my Chocolate Salty balls
they're packed full of goodness, high in Fibre
Suck on My balls!

[sniff sniff] Hey, wait a minute, what's that smell?
Smells like something burning
Well, that don't confront me none
As long as I get my rent paid on the Friday.
Baby you'd better get back in the Kitchen..
Cos i've gotta Sneaking Suspicion..
Oh man baby, baby! You just burnt my balls!

Someone help me, my balls are on fire!
Get some ice baby! My balls are Burning!
Get some water, pour some water on me!
My Balls are burning!
Help me, Blow on em, Blow on em, do something!
Ooh, suck on my chocolate salty balls
Stick em in your mouth and suck em!
Suck on my Chocolate Salty balls
Put em out baby, Blow em!
Suck on my balls, baby! Suck on my balls Baby!
Suck on my red hot, salty, chocolate balls
Put em out baby, hoo, hoo
Suck on my balls...

South Park Chocolate Salty Balls Lyrics

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